HomeBlood in stool – What are the Causes?

Many become alarmed whenever they see blood in stool. No matter what you know about health care, it is always not right to see bloody stool. Once you see the blood, it brought a lot of thoughts on your mind, and these are usually negative. You might ask what causes this to happen.

Generally, the theory behind blood in stool is that there are problems or injuries that are located anywhere within your digestive tract. However, this fact does not do any help on finding the correct cause since the digestive tract starts from the mouth down to the digestive system to the intestines to the anus. One of the possible ways to determine the exact location and cause of it is through the blood color.

bloodinstool 300x225 HomeBlood in stool – What are the Causes?

Basically, if the blood is bright red, then it comes from a location closer to the anus. The farther it is to the anus, the darker it becomes. The color is important whenever the doctor diagnoses the cause of the blood in stool. If it is bright red, then it can be due to hemorrhoids or anal fissure. Some may find this reasons very uncomfortable. Fortunately, these are the easiest to cure. A natural colon cleansing may help treat the disorder. Constipation that mainly causes fissures or hemorrhoids can be eliminated with regular colon cleansing.

If the blood in stool is darker say, for example, maroon, the injury can be found in the upper part of the digestive tract, somewhere in the intestines. Intestinal polyps can also cause maroon blood. One of the scariest possibilities is that these polyps have already turned into a cancer. It is best to contact your physician right away once you see a maroon blood in your stool. The earlier, the better. Diverticulosis or inflammatory bowel disease can also be the cause of maroon blood and can be easily diagnosed.

Some cases are dark red or black blood in stool. Often times, this has a foul odor. If this is the case, the blood takes long time to pass through the tract before coming out of the anus. The cause may be found in the stomach of somewhere in the small intestines. It becomes black because of the bacterial reaction while it passes through the tract. This black blood is often called “melena” by doctors.

Your diet may also change the appearance of the stool. It can cause your stool to become black in color. Some foods may make it bright red, and some may make it maroon. However, this does not usually happen. Once you see something red or blood in stool, better act soon to prevent any problems. Though most of these causes are not serious, it is always advisable to consult immediately your physician to determine the main cause and proper treatment must be administered.

Self-diagnosis is not advisable, since there are times when the cause or causes of blood in stool are more serious and dangerous. If, for instance, the main cause is colon cancer, 90 percent of it can be prevented in detected early and treated immediately. Many are not confident with discussing the color of their stool even with the physician. However, it is the right thing to do. Do not compromise your health. Consult the doctor if necessary.