What does blood in stool mean?

What Does Blood in The Stool Mean? – Know the Facts

Once you see a blood in your stool, do not be scared. For younger individuals, the main reasons are not really that serious. But of course, one could not fail to ask in their minds, “What does blood in stool mean?” This question can be easily answered. Some of the possible causes of it may be due to the medicines you are taking, the type of foods you take. It could ne hemorrhoids or anal fissures, it could be colitis, and for older people, it could be intestinal polyps or colon cancer. There may be times when you see blood in stool in bright-red color, and there will be times when you can see it in maroon, dark red or black. Actually, these colors determine what location on the digestive tract the bleeding comes from. The farther it is to the anus, the darker it becomes. Most of the time, the problems occur along the stomach areas and somewhere in the intestines. If the blood is somehow darker, you need to consult your doctor right away.

Even one sees a red or a black blood; you cannot help but ask what does blood in stool means. Check first if the blood you see is something mixed on the stool, blood on the toilet water, or just a streak on the poop. If the person can see only streaks of blood on it, it means the blood came from external hemorrhoids. Pain is usually felt by the person, and this is mainly due to constipation or the production of large hard stools. If blood can be seen in the poop but also mixed with toilet water, it can be due to internal hemorrhoids. Aside from hard stools and constipation, this may also be due to diarrhea or straining.

medicalhealth 225x300 What does blood in stool mean?If you are still asking what does blood in stool means, then you should continue on reading this article. The doctor is the best person to determine the main reasons for this blood. If the findings point to hemorrhoids, no need to worry as this can be treated easily. There is also a possibility that a tumor or a cancer within the digestive tract can cause the bleeding. A person aged 50 and above must consult a doctor for possible colon cancer. If in case there are no other symptoms aside from the blood mixed with the stool, then cancer is again one of the leading factors of it. Also colitis, some medications and diverticulosis can be considered the culprit. If medication is the main reason, it is advisable to stop taking it of have it changed by an expert physician.

If in the case of internal inflammation or infection, bleeding may not be the only symptoms of it. An affected person may also feel pain in the stomach, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, gas, cramps and other related disorders. Thus, if you see blood mixed in your stool, this could mean danger and proper treatment must be administered right away. So if you are not yet sure what does blood in the stool mean, it would be best to call your doctor and discuss the matter so that it will be cured the earliest possible time, to prevent any future problems.